License management

On-premise installation of SentiOne Automate requires a valid license key. Users with superadmin roles can manage the licenses key in System -> License module.


Only a user with superadmin role (typically is a system role Admin) can upload a new license. Ask your system administrator about this role.

Types of license keys

There are two types of license keys:

  1. Online license key - your license key will be periodically validated online by our servers. The license is time-limited.
  2. Offline license key - your license key is provided as a file and is validated on your servers. The license is time-limited.


Possible license key types depend on contract details

Expired / not valid license

In case of expired or not valid license: users can use all system features but the designed bots will not work.

License features

The license contains information about some specific features that, when enabled, will be available in the application environment.

  1. Access to all NLU languages - by default, only Polish language is available
  2. AI support in bot design - it allows using AI functions like e.g. generate phrases, synonyms or outputs
  3. LLM chatbots support - it allows calling OpenAI in integration