v194 Flow improvements ✨

Hello! πŸ‘‹
Wondering what’s new in version 194?
Take a look at a bunch of new features shipped on 02/06/2022.

πŸ“ Notes just got 100% cooler

New notes are here! One of our amazing front-end developers was feeling particularly lucky last week and decided to add some spice to our usually very serious Flow and... now you can change notes' names and colours.
Have fun! 🌈


πŸ•΅οΈ Blocks highlighting


This is the first Experimental feature!

To learn more, check out the Experimental features page.

From now on you will be able to see all blocks that took part in one conversation turn, as they will be highlighted on the Flow. This improvement is based on the feedback from Do What Bot Designers Want survey and we are introducing it as an Experimental feature. To turn it on, enable Experimental features in your account settings.


πŸ”‘ Active Directory and LDAP

It is possible now to use the Active Directory via LDAP protocol to connect your users to SentiOne Automate. We hope that this will enhance the security of our customers and simplify life of their administrators.


  • [Projects] Added a one-click copy of a Project ID (now it's the same way as copying the NLU model ID)
  • [Flow] Improved the way we display tags preview on blocks
  • [Expression language] Added a new function: system.escapeJson(value) - it takes a string as an argument and returns the escaped version of that string


  • [Flow] Improved the way we display tags preview on blocks
  • [Organization] Got rid of inconsistencies regarding Flow permissions
  • [NLU] Using spaces in Flow/NLU names used to allow for creating multiple Flows/NLUs with the same name
  • [Integrations] Fixed passing arrays as parameters to integrations

Until next release πŸ—