v203 Drag and drop of memory variables ✨

Hello! :boar:
06.10.2022 we shipped version 203.
The main changes include adding drag and drop to the memory variables list, creating a shortcut for moving between the multiple Start blocks and some other cool improvements and fixes.

✨ Drag and drop of memory variables

Now you can drag and drop the Memory variables. Since they are evaluated from the top down and you can reuse the same variable in the next input, this should come in especially handy for the more advanced bot designers.

💚 Use ctrl/command + S to move from one Start block to the next one.

Now you can use ctrl/command + S to move around the canvas between multiple Start blocks. Say goodbye to the lost automatons!


This is an Experimental feature.

If you want to use it, make sure to enable the Experimental features in your Profile settings.


  • [NLU] Now you can search NLU by its ID
  • [All modules] SentiOne logo in the left upper corner will take you back to the All projects list
  • [Multiple modules] Selects are now searchable so you can simply start typing what you're looking for instead of scrolling through long lists
  • [Conversations] Now it is possible to filter out conversations from the chat tester (Filters -> Source -> All without chat tester)
  • [Flow] Added a new variable to the Automate Expression Language: system.conversation that can be used to retrieve the current conversation. See system API documentation for more info.
  • [Flow] Most errors in the Flow are now translated according to the chosen UI language.

:bug: FIXES

  • [All modules] Minor fixes to the breadcrumbs
  • [Test suites] Added missing translations
  • [Flow] Fixed the way we display JSON in the debug mode so it's no longer upside down 🙃


  • Added more info to the logs regarding license validation