v208 Context grouping πŸ“‘

Hello again! πŸ‘‹
SentiOne Automate version 208 was released on 15.12.2022. This was our last Automate deployment of 2022! πŸŽ‰
Things we've added this time: context grouping, quickly displaying failed tests in the Test Suite history, remembering search results on the Project list.

πŸ“‘ Context grouping

To help you keep your flows in order, we've added a new feature called Context grouping.
It allows you to organize your Contexts on the Context list in groups.


See documentation, to learn more about Context grouping.

πŸ”΄ Quickly display failed tests

In the Test suite history, you can now quickly display the failed tests only.

πŸ“ Remembering search results on the Project list

Your search results on the Projects list will be remembered (search input, selected filtering and sorting) so you don't have to type and choose it over and over again.


  • [Flow] In the chat tester, when your conversation is finished, you will see the End of conversation
  • [Multiple modules] We've refined the page titles so they are more useful now - you'll always see the name of the module you are currently in
  • [Menu] We've added the logout confirmation to prevent you from logging out by accident
  • [Flow] We've moved the Back to start feature from the experimental phase to a regular one, so now it's available to everyone by default


  • [Flow] When converting the regular Say block to a different type of a Say block, the name will be updated even if there is a number in the source block's name

  • [Flows] Fixed bugs connected to dragging Blocks from the toolbox

  • [Flows] Now, expanding inputs in Block's settings will also work in the Preview mode

  • [Flow] When using the Back to start feature, the Start block won't be hiding under the Blocks toolbox anymore

  • [NLUs] Now, it is possible to choose tokens in your phrases and assign entities to them again

  • [NLUs] When importing Phrases, the Import button after being clicked will be changed to Uploading and will be inactive until the import is finished

  • [NLUs] Added missing translation of copy displayed after losing access to the NLU

  • [Test suites] Fixed minor issues connected to displaying test suites' statuses and history

Have a wonderful festive season and see you in 2023! 🫢