v219 Minor improvements and fixes 🤖

SentiOne Automate version 219 was released on 02.06.2023. Significant changes include adding info on the limitations regarding Quick replies in various channels.

⚠️ Limitations regarding Quick replies in various channels

Various external channels pose their own limitations in regard to displaying Quick replies, for example, Whatsapp by Vonage supports max. 3 Quick replies under 20 characters each. In order to prevent you from designing your bot in a way that won't be handled correctly in your channel of choice, we've added the following disclaimer:


To learn more about limitations in different channels, see this documentation.


  • [NLUs] Improved the error messages regarding Training Analytics and Batch classification so they are more specific now allowing you to fix your files more quickly
  • [Flows] Expanded character limit for the Flow version name so now you can make it longer and more descriptive
  • [Flows/NLUs] Refined Publish and Train bulk mode icons so these actions are more accessible now
  • [Multiples modules] Refined pagination and added missing confirmation pop-ups for all remove actions


  • [Flows] Integrations from the previous project were briefly available in the Integrations block in a recently created project
  • [Flows] Fixed updating a single Flow
  • [Flows] Minor UI fixes regarding the NLU training queue

See you in two weeks! 🐗