v224 Easier Facebook channel authorization 🐗

Hello! :boar:
SentiOne Automate version 224 was released on 10.08.2023. The major change of this release is an option to easily authorize the Facebook channel using oAuth.


  • [Channels] We've enabled adding a Facebook channel without the need to fill in the whole configuration manually - just click Authorize and you will be redirected to the Facebook authorization page
  • [Channels] Added validation for name uniqueness within the channel type

:bug: FIXES

  • [Projects list] Added missing toasts related to pinning/unpinning projects

  • [Chat tester] After sending the message input doesn't lose focus anymore

  • [Flows] Fixed minor bugs related to collapsing/expanding Outputs

  • [NLUs] Added missing error messages when trying to save an intent with Polish signs

  • [NLUs] Fixed minor front-end error related to the page reload after creating a new intent with phrases

  • [Multiple modules] Fixed minor front-end error related to drop-down lists


  • Rejected messages to the bot are no longer saved as transcriptions (this was already fixed in v200, error reoccurred in v216)

Until the next release! :wave: