v231 LiveChat as new channel connector 💬

Resistance is futile 🤖
SentiOne Automate version 231 was released on 16.11.2023. With this realese we have added LiveChat as new channel. You can now use bots created in SentiOne Automate in cooperation with LiveChat agents!

LiveChat integration

You can now add new channel connector that allows you to use LiveChat. For SaaS users integration is preconfigured by SentiOne, however for on-prem deployments please follow guide on how to configure integration for you instance

New channel selection form

New channel selection form

LiveChat widget with SentiOne bots

LiveChat widget with SentiOne bots

Public application is currently under review and will be available in LiveChat marketplace soon!


  • [Security] Secondary password configuration to enter system settings
  • [Security] Improved logging of security events
  • [Gateway API] New properties added to Attach call summary API endpoint


  • [Flow] Bot in limbo state
  • [Chat tester] Chat tester input blocked after error in conversation
  • [Flow] Copied context can't be moved until page is refreshed

Please follow changelog for exiting new features! 👋