v236 Easy Google ASR and TTS integrations

“What is my purpose?” - Butter robot, Rick and Morty 🤖
SentiOne Automate version 236 was released on 27.03.2024. This release introduced simplified form for create a voice connector using Google's Speech to Text and Text to Speech

Edit form for voice channel connector

Edit form for voice channel connector

You can now select from hundreds of available voices and transcribe phone calls in various languages


  • [Chat tester] You can now send empty message to simulate user silence
  • [Flow] You can force flow to sleep, which may be useful if you need to wait before callings external APIs


  • [Integrations] Unified logic for integration errors in edit form (tester) and when using in flow
  • [Webchat] Improved behavior for webchat when streaming is enabled
  • [Exports] Headers in CSV exports are not repeated any more


  • [Demos] We have added complete new section about demos, at any time you can play around with those bots or even download them and import them in your company!
  • [Voice] Voice gateway components are now described in our docs
  • [Google] Obtaining credentials from Google to use in voice connector and configuring voice channel

Please follow changelog for exiting new features! 👋