v207 Remaining NLU training time and Say block conversion 🐗

Hello! 👋
SentiOne Automate version 207 was released on 30.11.2022.
We've added the Remaining NLU training time, conversion of the regular Say block to its different types, drag&drop to the Output Conditions and a bunch of other cool improvements.

After the last few updates that were a lot more technical and under-the-hoody, it's finally time for a version packed with numerous new features and optimizations that our users were waiting for.

Enjoy! ✨

⏳ Remaining NLU training time

Now, you will roughly know how long it will take for the NLU model to be trained so you will be able to better manage your time while working on your NLU.

The remaining NLU training time will be estimated based on the previous trainings of a particular NLU.

↪️ Say block conversion

Now, whenever you use the regular Say block, you will be able to convert it into one of the other Say block types: Say with fallback or Conditional say. All the applicable data from the regular Say block will be transferred to the new block, so you don't lose anything.

🫳 Drag&drop of Output Conditions

We've added drag&drop to the Output Conditions so now it will be easier for you to change their order.


  • [Projects] If your project import fails, you will get more details now, so you will know exactly at which stage (Flow, NLU, Test suites, Integrations or Project data) the import has actually failed
  • [Flow] Contexts search results will be remembered when hiding/showing the Contexts list, so you won't have to write it over and over again
  • [Flow] When there was no call to the NLU (due to performance optimization), you will see proper info about it in the Chat tester/Message details/NLU results.
  • [Flow] In Output Conditions we've changed the equal operator from == to = so it's consistent with the Automate Expression Language now
  • [Flow] We've moved the Blocks highlighting feature from the experimental phase to a regular one, so now it's available to everyone by default


Check out the Experimental features page ⚗️

Learn why we've decided to introduce the experimental phase to our development process and what are the current Experimental features.


  • [NLU] Phrases list no longer freezes after deleting some phrases while their details are being displayed


  • As an enterprise customer, you will be able to use the custom CSS to adjust Automate to your corporate branding

Until the next release! 🙌