v210 Errors tab in Analytics module, Advanced block search and new additions to the AEL ✨

Hi there! πŸ—
SentiOne Automate version 210 was released on 26.01.2023. Welcome on board the Errors tab in the Analytics module, Advanced Block search and new additions to the Automate Expression Language (AEL).

Analyzing Errors in the Analytics module

There is a new tab in the Analytics module - Errors. It displays detailed errors from external sources and allows you to analyze bot errors on production environments.

Advanced block search πŸ•΅οΈ

Now, you will be able to search Blocks not only by their name, ID or responses but also by their tags, memory key and value, command name and params and the redirect field.


See documentation, to learn how to create the Advanced block search queries.

✨ New additions to the AEL

There are three new String methods:

length()Returns the length (number of characters) of the string
contains(searchString)Determines whether or not the string includes searchString
slice(indexStart, indexEnd)Returns a new string containing the extracted section of the string

And a new property in the System API:

system.sourceReturns the source (channel) of the conversationstring


See a full list of:


  • [Integrations] Integrations can be now exported/imported saving your precious time (they are now also part of the Project export)
  • [Conversations] Conversations from FB Messenger will be saved and displayed in the Conversations tab just like conversations from other channels
  • [Flow] Newly added fields in the Block settings (such as memory, responses, command etc.) will be autofocused


  • [NLU] Minor UX fixes regarding assigning entities
  • [Flow] Ctrl/Cmd + Z used to affect the Flow even when the user was focused on the Block search input
  • [Flow] Response preview used to display undefined instead of the properly formatted response
  • [Flow] Content of the Expression editor wasn't always saved so it was possible to lose your data


  • [Conversations] Backend code refactor
  • False positive errors regarding transcription metadata won't be logged