v212 Resizable Contexts list, changes in nlu.variables and custom Flow Snippets ✨

Hello again!πŸ‘‹
SentiOne Automate version 212 was released on 22.02.2023. This release introduces some changes to thenlu.variables, resizable Contexts list and Custom Flow Snippets as well as a number of significant improvements and fixes in multiple Modules. This time, there are also some clever under-the-hood changes.

Read on and enjoy! ✨

Resizable Contexts list πŸ“

You will be able to adjust the size of the Contexts list or hide it completely. You can also double-click to restore its default size.

Changes in nlu.variables πŸ€–

Previously, when more than one variable derived from the same entity was recognized, only the last one was accessible through thenlu.variables. Now, it's the first one - meaning the first occurrence in a given phrase. See the example below:

Custom Flow Snippets πŸŽ’

Now, you will be able to save, reuse and share parts of your Flow with your Organization. This will allow you for more effective bot building and smoother collaboration πŸ™Œ


This is an Experimental feature.

If you want to use it, make sure to enable the Experimental features in your Profile settings.


  • [Flow] From now on, outputs will be resolved one by one, from the top until one of them is resolved as true and is used to steer the conversation to the next block. If there are any outputs left, they won't be resolved nor they will cause errors. Learn more.

  • [Analytics] Minor improvements and bug fixes in the Errors tab

  • [Conversations] Conversations conducted in the chat tester will now be included in the file exported from the Conversations module

  • [Analytics] Conversations conducted in the chat tester will now be displayed in the Analytics module


  • [Flow] Removing connection with at least one point resulted in removing the additional connections leading to and from the Block with the removed connection

  • [Flow] Removing Context group doesn't break the order of the Contexts anymore

  • [Flow] Using JavaScript to parse nlu.variablesList used to throw errors and now it doesn't

  • [Flow] Passing an empty String to another Flow doesn't result in NullValue anymore


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the training of a single NLU to be performed multiple times when using Bulk mode
  • Improved performance of saving conversations and their metadata to the Analytics DB
  • Improved performance of NLU Training Analytics

Until the next release! πŸ™Œ