v213 Post-deploy action needed! 🚨 / There is always one more bug to fix 🐛

Hello again! 👋
SentiOne Automate version 213 was released on 09.03.2023. Due to the introduction of major changes in the NLU-related services, you will need to manually retrain all of your NLUs after the deployment of this version.
BTW we've also fixed some bugs 💪

🤖 Update of NLU services


Post-deploy action needed

After the deployment of v213 you must retrain all of your NLUs.

We are constantly striving to improve our NLU services and make the most out of state-of-the-art technology. That's why some of our NLU-related services will be undergoing major changes in the next few months.
This release brings a new module for executing the NLU models which will improve the performance of bigger bot projects on on-premise environments. As a result, after the deployment of v213, all NLUs in your projects will be set to NOT READY and you will have to manually retrain them.


  • [Flows] All newly added fields in the Block settings will be autofocused. This was first introduced in v210, but previously Blocks such as API Connector, Integration and Metadata weren't taken into account.
  • [Flows] In v207 we’ve updated the way we display Conditions in Outputs - we’ve added drag&drop and made sure that the first Condition always starts with IF instead of and. However… We forgot to update this component in the Conditions of Conditional responses and now we’ve fixed it.


  • [Flows] Fixed several minor bugs related to Contexts grouping
  • [Flows] Fixed a bug that caused that the Back to Start button sometimes didn't work correctly
  • [NLUs] Fixed synonym uniqueness validation
  • [NLUs] Removing intent from a phrase correctly affects its "Updated at/by" status
  • [Flows] "Conflict occurred" doesn't have to be confirmed twice anymore
  • [Flows] Switching on the "Edit mode" while Block settings are open allows for editing the settings, while previously it didn't
  • [Flows] Returning the nlu.variablesList in JS is now possible and doesn't result in parsing errors anymore
  • [Flows] Long memory values in the chat tester debug mode are now displayed correctly


  • Improved performance of the Conversations search endpoint
  • Added unique constraint for the _internal_session_id_in the Analytics DB