v232 Password policies and system settings 🔒

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SentiOne Automate version 232 was released on 30.11.2023. In this release we have added new forms in admin panel visible to super admins that allows to control major settings including password policy.

Password policy

We have added security options editable for system administrators where they can define global security policies.

Security settings form

Security settings form

In "Platform Features" you can configure OpenAI API keys to be used for features like generating NLU training utterances or creating alternative bot response variants. On this form you can configure if conversation history in Automate Expression Language should be available on managed instance.


  • [Security] Editable restrictions on password policy (complexity, expiration, etc)
  • [Security] Editable OpenAI API keys and enabling/disabling invitation links
  • [Webchat] Notifications on unread messages in webchat
  • [Webchat] "Read" indicator in webchat widget for user messages
  • [Flow] Current project ID available as system variable
  • [Documentation] Updated documentation on external libraries in JavaScript
  • [Webchat] Proactive messages for webchat widget - docs


  • [Flow] Problem with converting Say block into Say with fallbacks
  • [Webchat] Streamed message disappears when user input received during streaming
  • [Flow] Copied context can't be moved until page is refreshed

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