v216 Channels module and a bunch of new features ๐Ÿ—

Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹
SentiOne Automate version 216 was released on 20.04.2023. There's a completely new module on board - the Channels module. We've also added the possibility to pin your favourite projects and edit phrases. Other cool improvements include: indicating mocked data in the chat tester, switching between Flow modes (Edit/View), displaying complex entity values and spicing up most Menus with beautiful icons.

Fasten your seatbelts and read on, it's a big one! ๐Ÿ™Œ

๐Ÿ”€ Channels module

We are excited to announce a new module in the SentiOne Automate platform - the Channels module. This module allows for easy integration of your bot with various communication channels. At launch, we are supporting WhatsApp channels through Twilio and Vonage, as well as Meta (Facebook Messenger).

With this module, you can easily configure new channels and then connect them to your bot.

The configuration instructions for WhatsApp are already available in our documentation:

A manual for Facebook Messenger will be available soon.


Aditional notes:

  • there is a separate Role permission for Channels module;
  • previous channel integrations will continue to work;
  • for WhatsApp and Facebook channels, you will need to use new Channels module after the next release.

๐Ÿ“Œ Pin your favourite projects

This nice little feature is something that many of you have been waiting for! Now, you can pin your favourite projects to the top of the Projects list.


This is an Experimental feature and it will be developed further in the next releases based on your feedback. Take notice that for now, only you can see your pinned projects.

๐ŸŽ‰ Editing phrases

A typo? A super short phrase that needs some extra love? Say no more - here's a brand new Editing phrases feature!


The edited phrase need to be reanalysed - in some cases, this may affect the already assigned intent and entities.

โš ๏ธ Indicating mocked conversation data

Now, you will be able to see at first glance, if there is any data (external variables, memory variables, current time) currently mocked in your chat tester.
This might be a suggestion to you, as to why your bot is behaving in a certain way during the conversation. Click the warning icon to enter the chat tester settings.


  • [Flow] The Start and Back to Context Blocks will be automatically added in each newly created Context so you will be ready to start working on it straight away and it won't instantly throw Flow errors

  • [NLUs] Now, when there is a phrase containing an entity with a complex value (for example, a date), its full value can be displayed in a modal

  • [Flows] Now, you can switch between the Edit and View modes of your Flow whenever it suits you

  • [Multiple modules] Improved Menus on all major lists by adding icons to all options so they're more user-friendly now

  • [Flows] Added a tooltip next to the Contexts search linking to the docs on how to use it

  • [System] Now, as a System Administrator when creating a new organization, you can set up the default NLU language of your bot projects created in this organization

  • [System] Now, as a System Administrator you can delete Organizations directly in the application

  • ๐Ÿ› FIXES

  • [Webchat] The silence message feature is now activated only when the webchat window is open

  • [Conversations/Analytics] Conversations conducted in chat tester with bots throwing bot errors are now correctly saved in the Conversations and Analytics modules

  • [All projects] Project language info is now properly updated when the multilingual project is updated and turned into a single-language project

  • [Conversations] Updating the date range filter is now working correctly

  • [NLUs] Multiline phrases that contain entities are now displayed correctly on all lists

  • [Multiple modules] Fixed a minor front-end bug related to the โ€œCancelโ€ button of the Context creation confirmation modal

  • [Multiple modules] Fixed pagination of empty lists

  • [Multiple modules] Added the missing โ€œUnsaved changesโ€ confirmation modals in various forms

  • [Flows] Expression editor size is correct even after pasting a bigger piece of code

  • [Flows] Contexts groups with "" in their name now can be folded/unfolded

  • [Flows] Save button of the Expression editor modal is now always visible


  • Removed a few app vulnerabilities

Until the next release! ๐Ÿ‘‹