v230 Minor improvements as bigger work is in progress 🚧

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SentiOne Automate version 230 was released on 02.11.2023. Right now we are working on 3 new Channel Connectors and improvements that would simplify managing the platform. As we are consumed by bigger initiatives version 230 brings only minor improvements and bugfixes.

v229 Licensing and billing changes + intent labels 💡

SentiOne Automate version 229 was released on 19.10.2023. In this release we have focused on changes in license/feature management and added ability to label intent to improve collaboration with other team mates.

v228 Invitation links 🔗

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SentiOne Automate version 228 was released on 05.10.2023. During this released we focused on ongoing long term NLU features, which we will be delivering soon! 🤞

v227 ChatGPT streaming 🌊

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SentiOne Automate version 227 was released on 21.09.2023. This version introduced renewed support for streaming APIs including OpenAI ChatGPT.

v226 Preview of NLU statuses in the Flow 🎓

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SentiOne Automate version 226 was released on 07.09.2023.

v225 Resizable Chat tester and Block settings 📏

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SentiOne Automate version 225 was released on 25.08.2023. We've added an option to resize the Chat tester and Block settings.

v224 Easier Facebook channel authorization 🐗

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SentiOne Automate version 224 was released on 10.08.2023. The major change of this release is an option to easily authorize the Facebook channel using oAuth.

v223 Generating response variants and keyword synonyms using AI 🪄

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SentiOne Automate version 223 was released on 27.07.2023. Significant changes include generating response variants and keywords synonyms using AI and navigating to errors in Block settings.

v222 Keyboard shortcuts for chat tester ⌨️

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SentiOne Automate version 222 was released on 13.07.2023. Major improvements include introducing keyboard shortcuts for chat tester-related actions.

v221 Generating bot Responses using AI and collapsible outputs ✨

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SentiOne Automate version 221 was released on 29.06.2023. Major improvements include generating bot responses using AI and collapsible Outputs.