v225 Resizable Chat tester and Block settings πŸ“

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SentiOne Automate version 225 was released on 25.08.2023. We've added an option to resize the Chat tester and Block settings.

v224 Easier Facebook channel authorization πŸ—

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SentiOne Automate version 224 was released on 10.08.2023. The major change of this release is an option to easily authorize the Facebook channel using oAuth.

v223 Generating response variants and keyword synonyms using AI πŸͺ„

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SentiOne Automate version 223 was released on 27.07.2023. Significant changes include generating response variants and keywords synonyms using AI and navigating to errors in Block settings.

v222 Keyboard shortcuts for chat tester ⌨️

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SentiOne Automate version 222 was released on 13.07.2023. Major improvements include introducing keyboard shortcuts for chat tester-related actions.

v221 Generating bot Responses using AI and collapsible outputs ✨

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SentiOne Automate version 221 was released on 29.06.2023. Major improvements include generating bot responses using AI and collapsible Outputs.

v220 New shape of Connections and formatting Project description πŸ”₯

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SentiOne Automate version 220 was released on 15.06.2023. Major improvements include adding an option to change the shape of the Connections in Flow and possibility to format project description.

v219 Minor improvements and fixes πŸ€–

SentiOne Automate version 219 was released on 02.06.2023. Significant changes include adding info on the limitations regarding Quick replies in various channels.

v218 Searching by Block type and deleting conversations πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ

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SentiOne Automate version 218 was released on 18.05.2023. We've added an option to search for Blocks by their types. Now, you can also delete a single conversation in the Conversations module.

v217 Improved Errors tab and even more icons πŸŽ€

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SentiOne Automate version 217 was released on 04.05.2023. We've improved the Errors tab in the Analytics module, added icons to all Menus in the Flow module and introduced a few other improvements.

v216 Channels module and a bunch of new features πŸ—

Hello! πŸ‘‹
SentiOne Automate version 216 was released on 20.04.2023. There's a completely new module on board - the Channels module. We've also added the possibility to pin your favourite projects and edit phrases. Other cool improvements include: indicating mocked data in the chat tester, switching between Flow modes (Edit/View), displaying complex entity values and spicing up most Menus with beautiful icons.