v210 Errors tab in Analytics module, Advanced block search and new additions to the AEL ✨

Hi there! :boar:
SentiOne Automate version 210 was released on 26.01.2023. Welcome on board the Errors tab in the Analytics module, Advanced Block search and new additions to the Automate Expression Language (AEL).

v209 Removing Legacy Flow export and ignoring punctuation in Tests ☠️

Hello from the other side! 🎉
SentiOne Automate version 209 was released on 12.01.2023. This is the first update in 2023. New additions include removing the Legacy Flow export, adding a command for ignoring punctuation in Tests and other cool improvements and minor bug fixes.

v208 Context grouping 📑

Hello again! 👋
SentiOne Automate version 208 was released on 15.12.2022. This was our last Automate deployment of 2022! 🎉
Things we've added this time: context grouping, quickly displaying failed tests in the Test Suite history, remembering search results on the Project list.

v207 Remaining NLU training time and Say block conversion 🐗

Hello! 👋
SentiOne Automate version 207 was released on 30.11.2022.
We've added the Remaining NLU training time, conversion of the regular Say block to its different types, drag&drop to the Output Conditions and a bunch of other cool improvements.

v206 Minor improvements and fixes 👌

Hello! :boar:
Version 206 was released on 17.11.2022.
TL;DR: Just another small release with a few minor improvements and fixes.

v205 Better info about items imported to the Knowledge base 🧾

Hi! :wave:
Version 205 was released on 03.11.2022.
We've improved the way we display info when importing items to the Knowledge base.

v204 Smooth movement on the Flow canvas 💨

Hello! :wave:
Version 204 was released on 20.10.2022.
This week we've improved the UX of moving around the Flow canvas and we've added the Flow version metadata to the Flow and Project export.

v203 Drag and drop of memory variables ✨

Hello! :boar:
06.10.2022 we shipped version 203.
The main changes include adding drag and drop to the memory variables list, creating a shortcut for moving between the multiple Start blocks and some other cool improvements and fixes.

v202 Minor fixes and improvements 👌

Hi! :boar:
22.09.2022 we shipped version 202.
This very modest release involves a few minor fixes and improvements.

v201 Filtering phrases without intents 🕵️

Hello! :wave:
Version 201 was released on 08.09.2022.
The main changes include adding an option to filter phrases by their intents or choose phrases with no intents assigned.